The Lye Saga
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Story three:

Camp Roshihater
comments: The gang decides to take a vacation, but guess who shows up??

It was a hot summer day, Bulma was working in her lab, listening to the radio, when she heard an announcement... "Attention all bored adults and kids... camp Roshihater is looking for new counselors, along with kids who would like to sign up to attend the camp for a few weeks in the summer.. Yadda yadda.. Yadda" Bulma thought this was a great opportunity for the gang to have some summer fun, s she gathered them all up.. Of course Goku was dead.. But Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, #18, piccolo, and Chi Chi gladly volunteered to be counselors (well.. Not Vegeta.. But he said he'd go if he got a little "gift" from Bulma if you now what I mean) and Trunks, Goten and Marron were thrilled to be going to camp. So they packed their bags, and hoped on a plane to camp.

Bulma didn't know exactly where the camp was, it seemed to be a long way away, but she continued to follow the co-ordinates that the camp leader "Copper" gave her, and eventually they landed on a small island.

They were greeted by the counselor, and about five or six kids..
"Hi.. My name is copper!" The girl said.. She had on a white hat, with a orangy yellow pony tail sticking out of the back, and her ears were pointed oddly, like piccolo's. Chi Chi was the first to noticed her... "Lye?" she asked, dumbfounded... "what the hell are you doing here?"

"This is Fiji idiot" Lye hissed, "you assholes knew I moved here!"

"Well I ain't stayin' "Gohan remarked, remembering the last time he had been in contact with the demon Lye.

Lye got down on her knees .. "oh please stay, I'm the only counselor, and I have to take care of soooooooooo many kids." She looked around, and sighed, "besides, I've given up my evil ways, you know that."

Vegeta felt sorry for the little bitch, probably because she used to have the hots for him. And he "convinced" the others to stay.

Gohan, Piccolo, and Chi Chi shared one cabin. The floor was completely slanted, so when they sept they rolled out of bed. And Chi Chi and Piccolo got into so many fights, that, to Gohan's despair, Pioccolo left the camp.

Vegeta and Bulma were supposed to share a cabin, but there were none left, because there were so many kids, so they slept in the mess hall, which was actually nicer than any cabin.

Krillin and #18 probably had it the worst, their sink was backed up, and when Krillin accidentally flushed, shit started coming out of the shower, and there was water up to their knees. They had to sleep on the top bunks, and fly out the window.. Unless they wanted to walk around in shit water.

Trunks, Goten, and Marron shared a room, but poor little Marron was lonely, so the author decided that Bra was alive again, and Bra shared a room with Marron.

It was the first day of camp. All the campers woke up to a piss ass annoying trumpet, played by Chi chi.
"That bitch has talent" Vegeta mumbled, as he got out of bed.
All the little brats lined up to sing Fiji's national anthem....

"Brown squirrel brown squirrel swish your bushy tail, brown squirrel brown squirrel swish your busy tail, hold a peanut in your hand AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR LITTLE NOSE, brown squirrel brown squirrel swish your bushy tail."

Lye didn't really have any planned activities for the kids, she just wanted their money, so she let them run around all day.

Goten and Trunks were playing around with all the little kids. When suddenly Trunks leapt into the ocean, and after staying down for a few minutes, he popped up and exclaimed, "The bottom of the ocean smell s like strawberries!"

One foolish little boy jumped in after trunks, inhaled sand and water from the bottom of the ocean, and almost dies, he was taken away in an ambulance.

Trunks and Goten couldn't stop laughing.

The next day it rained. There wasn't really a building large enough to hold all the kids, so they stayed outside, and played dodge ball to keep warm. Gohan and Vegeta decided to team up and play, they pegged like three little kids before they got disqualified. All three were taken to the closest hospital with broken arms and legs.

That night, Bulma and Vegeta were talking...

"I fucking hate it here!" Vegeta remarked.
"But our kids are having so much fun!" Bulma replied.
"Yeah.. And what's up with that.. Since when did we have two kids?"
Bulma shrugged.
"Well I say we get rid of the last remaining two kids, so we can go home and shag!"
Bulma slapped Vegeta!
Then they shagged

When Bulma had finally fallen asleep, Vegeta went to the nearest cabin of little brats, and tied a long metal pole to it. Of course it was still thundering and lightening out, and the cabin was struck. But what Vegeta didn't know, was that this was Lye's cabin, and her being a demon, she doesn't sleep lightly, and she didn't seem to notice the cabin flaming all around her... But Gohan sure did.... He rushed right in, to find his worst enemy, asleep in the middle of a flaming cabin, now he was struck with the question, to save, or not to save her....

Then the author got sick of her stupid story, and decided that she was just not cut out to be a writer, and moved to Taiwan, where she made cheep leather wallets for 7 cents a day.